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Cain The Conqueror

Cain the Conqueror is one of many characters I've created for comic books. Reaper, Angel, Simpson, Karson, and Bonzai are just a few of the others in this vast universe!         



Crafting entertaining stories that reflect the very serious issues of today through is my only goal. I intend to utilize every form available to me from Film to Comics to reach this goal.

Cain The Conqueror 


I've written for different webseries and film festivals. Including the 48 hour film festival(Script writer), The New York International Film Festival(speech Writer), and various online series. 


The ability to tap into the psyche of society today is like a muscle that must constantly flex in order to keep working properly. My way of flexing this muscle is my blog which covers everything in entertainment. From boycotts and diversity issues, to reviews. I'm not afraid to tackle the hard stuff.

The best thing about being a storyteller is...you don't have to travel blindly!   
Dwayne McDuffie​
Robert Townsend
Spike Lee
​Ava Duvernay
​Shonda Rhimes

Stephen King
Michael Crichton

Claude Brown
David Goyer

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw

Roxane Gay

Angela Davis

​Noam Chomsky

Screenwriter, Producer, Director, and Editor. These days you have to do it all!